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  1. Goryeo Water-moon Avalokiteshvara By Soyon Kang(강소연)

    “The Great Light of Compassion” (大慈悲光明) Expressed in Goryeo Water-moon Avalokiteshvara Paintings By Soyon Kang Buddhistdoor Global | 2015-12-04 | AddThis Sharing Buttons
    Date2018.11.27 By강소연 Views4572
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  2. Devout Patrons of Buddhist Art By Soyon Kang(강소연)

    Devout Patrons of Buddhist Art – Exhibition Review By Soyon Kang Buddhistdoor Global | 2015-07-24 | AddThis Sharing Buttons Avaloki...
    Date2018.11.27 By강소연 Views731
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  3. 석굴암_항마촉지인과 연기법

    문사철_28_29호_석굴암과 연기법_강소연.pdf 한국불교사연구소, <문학/사학/철학> 29권 0호. 2012년 pp.146-172
    Date2016.11.05 By강소연 Views238
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  4. 반가사유상_미소의 비밀(2)

    문사철27호-2_반가사유상2_강소연.pdf 한국불교사연구소, <문학/사학/철학> 27권 0호. 2011년 pp.199-222
    Date2016.11.05 By강소연 Views160
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  5. 반가사유상_미소의 비밀(1)

    문사철25-26호_반가사유상1_강소연.pdf 한국불교사연구소, <문학/사학/철학> 26권 0호. 2011년 pp.240-253
    Date2016.11.05 By강소연 Views268
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  6. Dancing Emptiness3

    Date2016.04.23 By강소연 Views103
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  7. Dancing Emptiness2

    Date2016.04.23 By강소연 Views120
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  8. Dancing Emptiness1

    Date2016.04.23 By강소연 Views86
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